The Dark Knight

While watching The Dark Knight, I couldn’t help but really dislike Batman. I don’t have prior knowledge of Batman, as I didn’t read the comics. I only know Batman begins.  The character of Rachel was in Batman Begins, but Batman I don’t remember Batman risking lives for her. Of course, that wasn’t part of the story, but still, I don’t think Batman of Batman Begins would have done that. Batman in The Dark Knight made a decision purely based on Rachel’s life. To me, this was something that Superman would have done (doing everything regardless of how ridiculous it was, just to save Lois.)  I felt as if Nolan wasn’t even being faithful to his own adaptation because he himself was unsure of who Batman really is.  As it has been said, so many genres have been employed in this movie such as Action-Hero, Comic Book, and Romance. So how does character development work in adaptation, particularly in a sequel? We have moved away from the fidelity of the text, but is there something like fidelity to the character?  Maybe like Hutcheon states, with every adaptation, it gets “a new life”, and perhaps the differentiation within Batman is not a departure, but just new.

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