The Joker Makes all adaptations work

Heath Ledger is the reason for me that adaptations can be so successful. We have seen adaptation after adaptations of Batman, but Heath Ledger’s role of the Joker, was by far the farthest from what most viewers expected. Everytime I watch the movie and get chills thinking of how into the Joker character he was. He literally became the joker, making the adaptation so successful. Back to what we read in Liinda Hutcheon’s article regarding reading the comic or novel or watching the film. She writes, “if I buy and read the book after seeing the movie, I read it differently than I would have before I had seen the film: in effect the book, not the adaptation, has become the second and even secondary text for me. And as I read I can only ‘see’ characters as imagined by the director.” I don’t find that to be true of this adaptation because the Joker was so unrealistic to me, he went up and beyond what the character called for.

Just looking at the adaptation of the Joker from Jack Nicholson to Heath Leader, you can see the crazy differance.

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