2 Responses to Swedes, Spoofs, Remakes, and Crowdsourcing

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  2. I’m going to respond to question 6 in regards to the trailer for “Kart.” The source and adaptation is not only subject to historical and cultural contextualization, it is tied to it inextricably. I’m sure there are some arguable exception to this, but I think this is true generally speaking. In this trailer, the Mario world is re-imagined in the context of modern day action movie like “Fast and the Furious.” Both modern day action moveis and Mario have the same archetypical characters. Mario and Luigi are the masculine heroes, peach is the damsel in distress, Bowser is the seemingly lecherous villain, Wario is the greedy one, etc. It’s not hard to take these characters and put them in mainstream, action movie culture because they’re using the same archetypes anyway. A lot of modern adaptations of Mario will put them into tough guy action movie worlds because of these parallels, as well as playing on the gangster genre, since Mario and Luigi are Italian. It would be counterintuitive to put them into any other context – you have to translate the archetypes into the way they’re being used today.

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