Great Article on Marvel Comics

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  1. trevor11 says:

    Aside from the fact that I am 1) a giant nerd and 2) I am currently writing/producing my own comic book (2 actually) I find this article interesting because it shows how taking content, style and strategies from one media content and transmitting it to another, in this case film, comics, and video games and be extremely beneficial to all parties involved. Marvel, like other print media companies was suffering before this recent film resurgence and part of that success was knowing HOW to use the source material and apply it correctly. Avengers, Iron Man and Thor are all excellent examples of faithful adaptations of characters and stories utilized in a such a way that it can stand on its own as well. Furthermore the use of cinematic technique and storytelling in games like Uncharted and Mass Effect is totally viable here as well because it draws more individuals into an industry that too is suffering which a changing digital “app” driven age. Essentially what Marvel has done is create adaptations that can stand on their own and have even inspired adaptations on them thanks to their ability to translate varying media content into film. The last tidbit about this is, I personally use cinematic techniques when writing my scripts and storylines for my comics, I want the grandiose scale and feeling, the quick cuts, etc. In a way I adapt cinema into my own work so I can appreciate these styles transcending into further media branches.

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