Picking a Film, Part 2

Vote for one of these four categories, which are all “From Non-Novel (Comic and Game).” The next and final round will be for a specific film. Keep in mind we’ll want to look at a bit of the original text, so I’ve linked each title to an image of (at least one of) the original source(s).

Title (Director, year, length in min., metascore out of 100, netflix: “S”treaming or “D”isc)

(Bonus points if you can guess which of these I think is the best.)

Vote here: http://poll.fm/3zk0c

1) Superhero something
The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008, 152m, 82, D) or Spider-Man (Sam Raimi, 2002, 121m, 73, D) or Superman II (Richard Lester, 1980, 127 m, 99, D)

2) Based on board game
Clue (Jonathan Lynn, 1985, 94m, 36, S) or Jumanji (Joe Johnston, 1995, 104m, 39, S [actually a short story]) or Battleship (Peter Berg, 2012, 131m, 41, D)

3) Crime thriller
Road to Perdition (Sam Mendes, 2002, 117m, 72, D) or History of Violence (David Cronenberg, 2005, 96m, 81, D)

4) Comedy drama
Ghost World (Terry Zwigoff, 2001, 111m, 88, D) or American Splendor (Shari Berman & Robert Pulcini, 2003, 101m, 90, D)


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11 Responses to Picking a Film, Part 2

  1. Superman II has a metascore of 99? Whoa.

    Also, Prof, I’m guessing that you think American Splendor is the best. Do I get the bonus points?!

  2. Sara Tener says:

    I was thinking that you would lean towards Ghost World. Yes? No?

  3. Dana Choit says:

    I was also thinking that you would pick American Splendor or Ghost World, but.. Superman II?

  4. I wonder why we all thought it would be Ghost World. I’m going to guess The Dark Knight. May we guess more than once?

  5. Melissa M says:

    I am going to guess and say History of Violence !

    • Yes, we have a winner! Excepting Battleship (which I haven’t seen yet), I like all these movies in their own way. But I think History of Violence is the best film of the group, from level of narrative down to technical craft.

  6. Melissa M says:

    Woot Woot!!!!! Do I win the winning ticket to Powerball?

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