Readjusting Schedule

I’ll update this post with more information during the week, but first: no, your papers are not due this Thursday. Work on your proposals or bibliographies if you can, but don’t worry about deadlines right now.

UPDATE 11/6 :  Thursday night’s class is looking 40/60. One option is to start late, but I might not be able to be there. How is everyone doing? People have power? Gas? Transport?

UPDATE 11/6 (#2):  We’re still waiting to hear from the College whether or not a week of class will be added to the end of the semester or how they’ll handle the missed class. Regardless, I’m going to propose the following:

1) We meet for the last time on Thursday 12/13 (the current official last day of class is 12/12).

2) For those of you unable to meet that day, you schedule an office visit with me sometime during the month of December.

3) We will NOT meet in person this Thursday 11/8. Instead, you will follow a series of assignments which will appear on the blog during our regularly scheduled course time 4:30 to 6:20 (it will be about and be inspired by Robert Ray). Consider it like telecommuting or online learning. You’ll need to have working internet access and be logged onto the blog during that time. You’ll be leaving responses in the comments section of a shared post.

4) We will push the readings and due dates back one week and adjust the presentation schedule accordingly. 

5) Adjust your alternating posting and commenting schedule accordingly.

6) Due dates and a revised calendar looks like this:


  • Robert Ray online assignment from 4:30 to 6:20.


  • Elliott, Kamilla. “Literary Cinema and the Form/Content Debate.” Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2003. 133-183.
  • NB: we’ll do presentations on both Robert Ray and Kamilla Elliott this day
  • Due: Final Investigative Proposal (via email)

11/22: NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)



12/13:  Film To Be Determined 

12/20: (No class meeting) Due: Final Projects by noon (via email)

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  1. OMG, like I have power. Lol. I can see the light. Some power lines went down last night, but I have power.

  2. OMG, like I have power. Lol. I can see the light. Some power lines went down last night, but I have power for now.

  3. Laura Callei says:

    I STILL do not have power!! HELPPP!!! haha

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