Interview with Susan Orlean Edward & Saxon about Adaptation

Q: Was there any point when you thought this isn’t really about the book, it’s about what goes on in Charlie Kaufman’s head when he’s trying to write a script?

SUSAN ORLEAN: Oh no, I felt the complete opposite. I think my book is a character in the movie, which to me is far more thrilling than if the book simply dissolved and became just source material. Instead, it’s the protagonist in many ways in the movie. The physical entity of the book itself is there, which is very thrilling. I think it’s beyond my wildest fantasy of my work being treated as something. It feels far more respectful and attentive to the work than I would ever have expected.

via Susan Orlean Edward Saxon Interview – Adaptation Movie The Orchid Thief.

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  1. Doesn’t it sound like she’s saying, “I’m so grateful my book was made into a movie. I don’t really care what was done, just as long as I get to boast about it to my botox loving friends. I can’t wait till my next book is made into a movie.”

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