Raoul Ruiz speech

I’m not sure if students can post asides, but I thought the following was somehow relevant.

The director Raoul Ruiz gave a speech titled Cinema is Another Life in which he states that the art of cinema exists only insofar as the blank image (e.g. the moment in between frames) exists to provide ‘poetic support’.  In this negative space dwells a ‘wild beast’ which watches and waits to devour us, the audience.  I thought this notion of a wild beast played nicely with Woolf’s notion of a film’s audience as  savages.  Savages who operate outside of civilized defenses and are such much more highly susceptible to the ravages of wild beasts.  Savages who, while probably mindful of their highly indefensible existence, clang together the metal rods (or the fully formed instruments) of art regardless–perhaps even wishing to encourage the wild beast to encroach, watch, and ultimately devour them.

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  1. I love Ruiz. I’m worried digital cinema is ruining his theory, though …

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